The Corporate Story

Corporate Traffic didn’t begin in an office or even a building, but in the imagination of young kids running a make-believe trucking company in their parents’ attic.

Christopher, Chad and Craig Cline are the products of their father in every way. As kids, he owned a large trucking company and early on, they knew they would follow in his footsteps. Even back then, they ran a full-service pretend company with office staff and outsourced “drivers” made up of neighborhood kids on bikes.

Through education and his early careers, Chris never shook the transportation bug. His dream finally took him to Jacksonville, Florida and a position with a trucking company, but he soon realized he wanted more. He wanted to share the vision he inherited––that trucking is more than just transportation, but about relationships you build with clients and carriers. With his ideas and endless days and nights of hard work, Corporate Traffic was born.

From the humble beginnings as a provider of marketing and sales efforts for a couple of large carriers, Corporate Traffic grew and grew with new employees, new business acquisitions, new customers and carriers and an even greater level of commitment.

Today, the three brothers are working side-by-side again. Chris, Chad and Craig are owners and operators who rely heavily on the experience they inherited and bring an honest, family-style approach to doing business. Today, Corporate Traffic is a leading full service logistics provider that is highly respected throughout the country for its capabilities, resources and a truly unique dedication to everyone they do business with.

It’s a unique story from a very unique company. Corporate Traffic was born out of a lifelong passion for trucking. That passion is the reason why we’re more efficient, more capable and more caring than anyone else. We’re ready to take your logistics needs to the next level.

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Our people are the difference makers.

Our logistic solutions are incredibly flexible. So are our people. We bend over backwards for our clients. We become part of your team and commit to your goals, offering full service logistics capabilities, delivering solutions that are all about you.

Our people-friendly culture might be something you’re not used to. For many of our clients, it’s the difference-maker. And the fact that we can handle those bumps along the logistics road, also makes us incredibly easy to work with.

As an asset-based company, Corporate Traffic can give you the stability, control and flexibility to hurdle every challenge with ease. Because we know there’s no room for “almost” in logistics.


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