Asset-Based Truckload

To many of our clients the fact that we own our own trucks, trailers and have our own drivers is a source of confidence and comfort.  It is a sign of our strength and stability.

We are CSA Compliant and maintain a fully-staffed Safety Department to monitor complete driver files, all logs and preventative maintenance schedules as well as DOT policies and regulations to name a few.

Our drivers are Florida based, right where we are headquartered, and have been providing Asset Based Truckload services since 1995.

Coverage Areas

  • Contiguous 48 states
  • Florida based and Florida serviced

What we offer

  • Committed Dispatch: we approve it and our drivers honor it
  • Monitored On-time performance
  • Managed backhaul services
  • Continued Driver Awareness and Safety Training
  • Higher than industry standard cargo insurance
  • Online tracking and tracing for every shipment through Tr@ckIt!
  • All Drivers Cell Phone Equipped

Better Flexibility

  • 24 hour on call driver dispatch, 365 days per year
  • Dedicated Capacity Options
  • Drop Trailer Program
  • Equipment Spotting
  • Trailer Storage
  • Full-time Mobile Mechanics
  • Your own Service Team, dedicated to your business


  • 53’ 102” wide air ride
  • E-Track
  • Food Grade Trailers
  • Late model year equipment

Exceptional Experienced Customer Service

From capacity and equipment availability to operational as well as market knowledge, your Asset-Based truckload professional is your single source for exceptional service.  One point of contact, one phone number, one email address. Service that’s a great asset, every time.


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