Boxcar Management

Corporate Traffic is a full service third-party rail logistics company. We have the right people and the precise tools required to manage all of your rail business on a daily basis, providing you with the visibility to identify problem areas and the intervention needed to improve rail performance.

We understand the importance of precise tracking information. We properly verify all data for accuracy to proactively minimize delays and help your day-to-day rail operations run as smoothly as possible.

Plus, as a full service IMC, Corporate Traffic can manage your intermodal contracts as well. One place, one call, all tracking.

Our Boxcar Management Services include:

  • Tracking & Tracing Services
  • Rail Performance Metrics
  • Enhanced visibility through status reports, email alerts and more
  • EDI & Data Integration Services
  • Diversions & Expedites
  • Demurrage Management
  • Bill of Lading Imaging & document management
  • Delay Details & ETA’s
  • Proactive Intervention

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