Corporate Cores

Click on each one and see what our Cores mean to us.

Great business requires passion and dedication. We are passionate about our jobs and committed to succeed. We recognize the vast career paths available to us and without waiver choose Logistics. It is the core of who we are and our passion shines through in everything we do. We are logistics.

We believe in open lines of communication both internally and externally. We encourage others to express their opinions and viewpoints at every level. Being open and friendly with each other makes for a pleasant and productive work environment and allows us take full advantage of the knowledge that surrounds us.

We own our actions and do our part to ensure Corporate Traffic’s success. We promise outstanding service and work product to our clients, partners, and community as well as to our organization. We do so with dignity and are responsible for our actions.

We treat our team members, clients, partners and suppliers with mutual respect and sensitivity. We recognize the value of diversity, respect all individuals and value their contributions at all levels. We work to celebrate and reward the unique backgrounds, skills, talents and viewpoints of everyone at Corporate Traffic. We respect the dignity and worth of all, regardless of religion, culture, gender, nationality, race or employment category. We ensure a positive and energizing work environment.

We believe that true professionalism is a basic principal of service excellence. We exercise high levels of professionalism in all areas. We work collaboratively regardless of individual roles or functions and apply these same ethics to our partners. We share our knowledge of best practices at all levels to enhance the quality of our services and execute them as professionally as is possible.

At the end of the day, we know it is all about working together as a team. We are supportive of each other’s efforts, loyal to one another and have a vested interest in the overall success of our organization. We are Team Corporate and we apply that mindset to everything we do.

Our leadership team exhibits the ethics and values of our organization. They lead by example, building trust and powerfully influencing the actions of others. Leaders at Corporate Traffic establish an environment of continuous improvement and provide opportunities for people to grow both personally and professionally.

Superior Service.
We are committed to being the best in customer service across all industries. We make it our responsibility to understand our client’s business and the role we play in it. We answer every call professionally and show our appreciation whenever possible to each person and company that we do business with. Our team members take personal responsibility to be more responsive, empathetic, flexible and generous under all circumstances. We are constantly looking for ways to add proactive value and continually seek to upgrade the service we provide through improved communication, cooperation and innovation.

We are driven by our commitment to provide the best possible service to our clients and partners exercising self-respect and morality. We protect and promote the reputation of Corporate Traffic by conducting ourselves with dignity. We do not tolerate unethical behavior, and challenge it as a matter of personal responsibility, regardless of our positions within the company.

Through innovation we strive to do more by increasing our efficiencies. We drive change within the industry and internally by always thinking outside of the box. We encourage the ideas, opinions and suggestions of everyone on our team and test those thoughts for improvement in the overall logistics process. We are focused on advancement and are always looking for new ways to do it better.

We will never sacrifice safety for any purpose, justification or defense. We believe we are responsible for the safety of our employees, drivers, community and that of other motorists. Through a series of best practices, audits and precautions, safety remains at the forefront of our business and in the minds of our employees. We believe when every member of the company is diligent about safety and it is incorporated into every aspect of their lives, on and off the job, then everyone benefits.

Continued Education.
Our employees continue to improve their productivity and sharpen their skills through company sponsored training during employment. We are dedicated to identifying and offering quality training to foster personal and professional gains. By supporting and offering continuing education to our employees, we will heighten the standard of excellence by creating customized programs that respond to our organizations individual needs and industry changes.

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