Information Management

Systems Integration

Electronic Data Interchange
We understand the back and forth process of EDI testing and the changes required before going live.  In fact, we have a fully staffed EDI support team on site to make the process as smooth as possible.  All EDI integrations are handled internally with our onsite EDI support team minimizing set up time and eliminating the headaches associated with contracted EDI support.  They already know the EDI process because they support our current EDI client transactions each day, making the integration process run that much smoother.

Whether your business uses traditional EDI or AS2 EDI for a higher level of systems communication, our fully staffed EDI Support Team is ready to make this change with you.

  • AS2 EDI with security encryptions
  • 204 Load Tender
  • 210 Freight Invoice
  • 214 Shipment Status Message
  • 990 Response to Load Tender

Web Services
Time is money but so is timely information.  By exposing our Application Programming Interface, you can make application programming calls directly to our systems and receive a response within seconds.   This deeper level of systems integration not only makes for a simpler and more fluid integration, it gives you immediate access to things like transportation pricing, tracking and status reports.  Immediate access saves you time and time is money.

Data Distribution
Delivering data that you can use in your system is more than just sending a report.  When you take advantage of Corporate Traffic’s Enterprise Reporting Solutions, you will have access to data and file transfers, systems to systems integration and customized metrics for the betterment of your business.  Whether it is event based email notifications or scheduled information transfers, simply tell us what data is vital to you, when and how you would like to receive it, and we’ll do the rest.

Dynamic Transportation Management System – Helping your business work smarter.
A cutting-edge, trans-modal routing, rating and planning engine, our dynamic TMS gives you the accurate information you need to select the most desirable shipping option. Whether your shipping request is for same day delivery or a deferred service, simply plug in your shipment information and our fully managed TMS will marry up different modes of transportation, allowing you to see the variations in both pricing and transit times. It’s how smart decisions are made.

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