Intermodal Logistics – Save up to 38%


As a registered Intermodal Marketing Company, we’ve built an extensive intermodal network covering the US, Mexico and Canada.  Combine this with our own assets and we have the competitive edge against other IMC’s for strategic intermodal transport.  We look across our network to maximize equipment increasing our efficiencies which means greater cost savings for you.  In fact, you can save up to 38% over truckload freight using our Managed Intermodal program. Plus we give you a dedicated support team to provide you with the best managed intermodal service possible.

Whether your business requires intermodal, boxcar to truck delivery or even traditional boxcar service, we will handle it all with unbeatable pricing and unparalleled customer service.

Intermodal Service Map



  • Street Turn Equipment – Most companies obtain equipment from a pool of empty containers once they are returned. By utilizing our Transportation Management System, we offer Street Turn Service to acquire the container before it is returned to the rail ramp, maintaining a constant flow of service and access to additional capacity.
  • Direct Relationships – Our Intermodal department has an average of 12 years current intermodal operational experience working one-on-one with the rail carriers.
  • Highly Rated – Corporate Traffic is a Priority IMC amongst the shipping community.


Flexible Pricing Options

  • Door to Door – Spot Market Pricing
  • National FAK Pricing
  • Volume Based Discounted Rates
  • Bi-Party and Tri-Party Customer Specific Pricing, offering reduced long term pricing, supporting specific lanes.


Exceptional Experienced Customer Service

Your dedicated Intermodal support team consists of highly skilled Intermodal Operations professionals. From equipment to routing, to tracking and transit times, your dedicated Intermodal support team is your single source for exceptional service. One point of contact, one phone number, one email address. Unbeatable service every time.

To reach your Managed Intermodal Support Team click the Contact Us box above or call us directly at 1.866.244.3591


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