Managed LTL – Our Approach is Different


Crystal Clear Costs, Without the Surprises

LTL shipping can become pretty confusing with mysterious rate bases, unclear tariffs, numerous freight classifications and unexpected accessorial charges.  With our nationwide M-LTL program you see true accurate costs, without surprises, from the start.  In fact, invoice auditing and claims management comes standard.  If a charge isn’t valid, you’ll never see it.  Period.

Save Money, Spend Less

By leveraging our LTL volumes, our clients save an average of 21.2% on their LTL freight spend.  We’re so confident in our pricing that we offer a Free Freight Savings Analysis.  Better yet, we can find your savings in as little as 3-5 days.

Save Time, Gain Efficiency

Our Dynamic Transportation Management System is all-in-one software for fastest turnaround with rate requests, BOL creation and shipment tracking.  Log in to compare cost and transit times and choose your carrier within seconds.  Don’t have a second? We’ll do it for you. Have a question?  You have a fully dedicated LTL team ready to answer. How’s that for time savings?

Managed or Co-Managed, The Choice is Yours

We can handle it all or give you full visibility to pricing, transit times and carrier bookings.  All this plus the backup support of our expert LTL staff working behind the scenes for you every step of the way.  Your level of involvement is up to you.  It’s your business, you decide.

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