Non-Asset Based. We’ll do what’s best for you.

While we offer Asset Based solutions, we can also outsource depending on a company’s needs and budget.  We have an extensive network of carriers that are both safe and reliable, so that the processes are the same whether it is Asset or Non-Asset Based.  At the end of the day, we make sure your freight is handled seamlessly, the way you want it.


  • Extensive Network of Over 14,000 Approved Carriers
  • 19 Years of Building Relationships With our Core Carrier Base
  • Access to Specialty Equipment
  • Expedited Over the Road services
  • Team Drivers
  • Market Trends Forecasting
  • Support of Irregular Lane Networks and Market Spikes


  • Fully Staffed Safety and Compliance Department
  • Carrier Compliance and Monitoring
  • Service Metrics by Carrier

Our Approach to Your Business

As a Non-Asset Based client of Corporate Traffic, you will have a single operational point of contact in addition to 24/7/365 on-call emergency support and a full service team.  Our Non-Asset Based Logistics Coordinators complete a thorough apprenticeship program before going “live” on our floor.

We use the dedicated team approach, the same people every time, to become more and more familiar with your account.   We know our customers and their customers.  We pride ourselves in knowing who your customers are and what they expect.  We take the time to know your operations and understand your total supply chain.

Exceptional Experienced Customer Service

From capacity and equipment availability to operational as well as market knowledge, your Non-Asset Based Truckload professional will ensure the right equipment is provided consistently and on time.  One point of contact, one phone number, one email address.  Exceptional service, every time.

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